There's a Huge War in my Backyard: Ants vs Termites vs Frogs

Publisert 2. jan.. 2021
There is a great war between ants, termites, and frogs happening in my yard! I call it the great Antopian War, and the winners of this war will greatly impact the ecosystem of my area, and all the life within it. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Link to the Hidden Video:

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo

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  • Dear Ant Lovers, AC Family, this war is crazy! I really need your opinions, though so let me know what you guys think about the things I ask about in this video. Also, hope you guys remember to leave the video a THUMBS UP, SHARE it with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE (with BELL notifications turned to ALL) if you enjoyed this week's episode. It would really mean a lot to me! Thank you so much! Ant love forever! So what should we do, guys?

    • get your 1 black patr and 1 of your ant big head ant

    • Do both options, pour boiling water on them and feed the native ants

    • Maybe start to sprinkle some boiling water around the ants thet are not supposed to be in the habitat

    • Try feeding the ant and termite colony's directly for food for the ants and just supporting the native ants

    • both

  • What if feeding directly at the nests attracts the invasive species to locate the natives and war breaks out ?

  • Ants vs Termites vs Frogs.

  • Ok, love the channel and all. I love the project going up at Antopia. My question is... is that compound built that way from scratch or are you building up on a previous facility of some type? I always wonder when I see the overhead shots if it used to be some other type of facility.

    • @AntsCanada that's super interesting. What are those water... tank things? It's going to make an incredible biolab!

    • No, it was all untouched virgin land. Lots of ants!

  • Oh man yay!

  • Question who’s more powerful termites or ants.

  • Nature to take it's course

  • Uh oh.

  • If you keep your chickens closed in a chicken house at night, fire ants can and will kill them.

  • Poor termite

  • The termites and frogs I think they’re “Team X-Terminanttor.”

  • Turn on the doom music, boiling water, BOIL TEAM INVASIVE

  • "Not really, kid. They're five times our size and they shoot acid from their foreheads."

  • Definitely release the big head its native and u have another colony and also Definitely release one of the Asian bullet ants too

  • Kill the fire ants they are not to mess with

  • Release native ants & feed them

  • Pour boiling water on one of the fire ant coline

  • Were no strangers to fire ants… You know the rules and so do I… Pouring boiling water is what im, dreaming of… You wouldn’t get this from Antscanada… I just want to step on invasives… Gotta make you understand… Always gonna step on invasives… Never gonna forgive those invasives… They don’t deserve to get forgiven… Always gonna make them cry… Always gonna say goodbye… Always gonna pour boiling water and step on them.

  • Invasive ants kill them with fire


  • Second option

  • Black crazy ants are one of the most cool anta for me

  • I have seen many gost ants in my country

  • You 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • yea right i kill fire ants with my mega colony of weaver ants

  • 2

  • Fact: Ant in camera is feel like huge like the small black ant In life:it smaal-

  • Do you have selenopsis invicta

  • Ants are related to bees and wasps but turmites are related to rochis

  • Kill all fire ants and ghost ants.

  • I think the termites are macro terms fungus growing termites. Correct me if I'm wrong amazing species one of the most well known too

  • Do it

  • Sheeeeesh I just fully comprehended the fact that his space is 3000 FRICKING METERS (I think) Edit:I think you should either just grim reaper (kill) the entirety of the invasive ants except the peaceful ones (if there are any) or just kill the two HUGEEEE ones Another edit:I get side tracked fast

  • i think release all the native ants around the invasive ants therefore killing them and the invasive ants will either die or have nowhere to go and then die

  • the invasive ants are deadly and a lot stronger better boil some of their colonies the grow parasites

  • Sure why not realese the bobbleheads maby the one team of the black panther

  • Support team native, with food and plants, giving them every possible chance to survive and come out on top. Go Team Native!!

  • Or we can feed the natives so they will grow and defeat the invasives

  • I would say do both, scald the invasive ants and feed the native ones to encourage them.

  • clickbait no frogs

  • I love the fact that he is filming this war, however, action does need to take place. I would try dumping a bit of food into the Invasive Ants' colonies, then dumping Sulfur Hexafluoride (Argon will work, too) into the same colonies. After that is done, seal the entrance to the colony off and let everything do its thing while you do whatever you want. Sulfur Hexafluoride and Argon are both heavy gases, so air will go to the lowest point above either gas. Again, since both gases are heavy, and as both names suggest, there is no oxygen in either one; they both would sink down to the bottom of the colony and suffocate the ants. I say Argon and Sulfur Hexafluoride because Argon is (slightly) heavier than air (And quite cheap compared to other gases!) and Sulfur Hexafluoride is the heaviest non-toxic gas, meaning that it will not hurt if you do breath it in, unlike Radon and plain ol' Chlorine Gas. (It is quite fun to breathe in and talk from what I've heard!)

  • For me the only reason to kill animals is for food. So you can create some fence around the colony you want to get rid of, and introduce some animal that eats ants. But don't use boiling water, look to violent and anti natura.

  • When are they gonna fight?

  • Do ants call theri banners?

  • Sadly the invasive ants gotta go

  • Do all exept boiling water

  • honestly i think its more important to conserve the local ecosystem. with some animals you can capture and relocate or sterilize or keep in captivity. but some animals like ants i think should be culled just because of how prolific they are. the species wont suffer considering how invasive they are and how widely spread they are. but your other wildlife will get wiped out.

  • I know Gather Every Native ants and Insisive ants Put them in a all out brawl

  • Kill the fire ants. As others have noted, feeding the local ants just runs the risk of them being robbed by fire ants. The fire ants aren't supposed to be there, and the locals likely can't eliminate them on their own. Given the success of weaver ants in killing fire ants, you may also want to find more of them to release. Reinforcing the locals can only be a good thing...but you still probably want to kill the invaders.

  • Sorry I like ants but huge fire 🔥 ant 🐜 colonies on my property I would kill them all

  • Bugs spray!!!!!

  • Culled the fire ants, they are too ferocious and painful. And they multiple too fast....

  • Fire ants over here trying to conquer the to whole land.

  • The termites just trying to live their life to the fullest

  • Make a part three please

  • World War 1. who? never heard of that Ant yard wars. now that's my jam.

  • do both kill fire ants and release on of the black panthers and plant more and feed the natives

  • ww6

  • lor them out with food

  • Fire ants will take chicks for certain. Full grown adult chickens can usually take care of it unless you get a swarm. Goats can get their mouth and nose pretty badly stung, but they tend to be smart enough to move. They will 100% kill anything too small or weak to move though. I dont like killing anything but they are too big a threat.

  • I like the ideia of releasing more troops of native lands onto antopia, just be careful for them not to be wiped out. But again, we all say that it's a good ideia to pour boiling water in the fire ants, I can say for sure that they are not a good type of ants to have around, in Brazil it's speculated that about 30% of insect sting accidents that are reported in hospitals are caused by them, as they also cause alergy to their sting. We also call them something like "feet-washer ants" here, don't ask me why.

  • yes khos

  • I think you should do both! Work against the invaders, and support the native ants! That would give the native ants the best chance to overcome the invasive species

  • F for the termites

  • fire ants in the wild do not harm anyone however they will bite

  • Man makes me wanna go and play with ants😂

  • Why does this sound like Warhammer 40k

  • #AntLoveAndWakandaForever.



  • You know that frogs ancestors are in heaven like “Dude! How did you get eaten by your own food?” 😂 they are never going to let him live it down.

    • dead frog- you dont understand thay were fire ants! Devils i tell you!

  • The ghost ants are the insect version of the Viking invaders

  • I might be a quite late on this but I suggest killing the fire ants especially if you have chickens and chicks. While not a chicken my dad did have a bird that died to them so the chicks at the very least will be in danger. I might be wrong though. I'm pretty sure my dad's bird was caged so I don't know how it will affect non caged birds but I wouldn't take the chances. Also, for those saying let nature take it's course: It is too late for that. The fact that invasive species of ants is here means nature is already thrown off course. If the fact that invasive ants were brought here by humans, it is up to humans to rectify this problem.

  • Boil em

  • Boiling water right down the hole

  • It should be antsasia

  • Put gasoline on the nest and light them up we did it before

  • 2

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍WORLD ANT WAR👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Please don't release the bobbleheads or the new big headed ant colony, I love the bobbleheads, they're cute. I suggest releasing 1 Asian Bullet ant colony.💩😂🎉

  • Do both of them

  • It seems the fire ants are simply overwhelmingly powerful, I think you will have to intervene militarily against the invasive ants specifically the fire ants, by pouring the boiling water on them, or else they might take over Or just feed the natives

  • You should kill the fire ant queen

  • Boil em up

  • Fire ants are a huge problems, at least take them out, if you're not going to take any other invasive ants, because they get out of hand VERY quickly

  • Looks like a Ww2 for ants 🐜

  • Put a native super colony so the bad ants will lose

  • The mothers go away from the chicks and the fire ants discover them they might attack

  • Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Wait if there’s termites and u have a termite colony still and u could just get a king and queen out side

  • Don’t mess the fire ants

  • pour water on the fire ant nest 3-2 times. wont kill it but at least slow the process of expansion. make other invasive ants panic like destroy parts of nest

  • boiling water !!!

  • 1. try to lessen the fire ant's numbers 2. find the ghost ants and see what you can do 3. see what you can do about your latest fire ant discovery 4. release the Bobble-heads 5. if you feel like it will help release some bullet ants 6. feed natives

  • OK yes keep your eyes on the chickens if so much as 15 fire ants get to a chicken from what I've seen they wrecked the chicken

  • Did he just say antsesters

  • if you can do it an easy way to find the size of the invasive ant colonies(although not too cost efficient) is to melt down some aluminum/silver/steel/iron and pour it into the colonies openings, and then around the openings. if you hit the cast at all you'll obviously know due to the clang of metal between the shovel and the metal. this process will get rid of the colony.... partly.... at least to the point that it will be very hard to come back for them.

  • Weed killer is good to get rid of ants

  • i hate Temites they make a lot of noise and the eat the stairs which pisses me off >:(